Programación y monitoreo de producción en tiempo real.

Real time production scheduling and monitoring.

PENTÁGONO is a powerful solution to schedule production orders and at the same time supervise in real-time the progress of them, the efficiency of the plant floor lines, and get a compliance forecast to make timely decisions.

It provides an easy way to program the whole manufacturing chain from the sub-assemblies to the finished goods, assigning the available resources.

The monitoring presents each machine’s performance related to the assigned product type; it shows the process variables and productivity, such as deadtimes, speed, defects, OEE, and more.

This data allows the supervisory staff to know, with anticipation, the deviations that could lead to delays and affect the production schedule.

The system integrates this data capture into a database to show it for each production order, product type, and machine.

It directly connects to ERP systems, which allows to exchange data and work together simultaneously, keeping the information updated.

Interactive graphics for schedule and arrange production orders.
Linking with the ERP totally and transparently.
Direct connections to each machine on the shop floor to get operation data continuously.
Available information for all operational levels in real time.
  • Cause for dead time.
  • Elapsed time from failure.
  • Elapsed time from an operational request.
  • Operating personnel in charge.

  • Raw materials used.
  • Production lines/orders.
  • Work-in-process data capture.
  • Operating personnel in charge.
  • Quality inspections.
  • Finished goods identification.
  • Delivery to the warehouse.

  • Interactive graphic orders capture.
  • Manufacturing chain sequency.
  • Time and priority settings.
  • Test runs.
  • Linking with raw materials inventory.


PENTÁGONO totally suits
to your production process.

Process variables and quality indicators

Automated capture of process control data as well as the finished goods characteristics to detect possible defects.

Interactive graphics presentation

Production progress visualization with the option of making changes as required. In addition, a production forecast presentation according to the current performance of the shop floor lines.

How can we do it?


Machine state detection and production counting

With different type of sensors installed in the production line we can know when the machine is running and count every piece processed. Also, these devices can be connected to the machine PLC or controller.

Process variables measurement

By placing measuring devices in the machines or connecting to the existing ones. This connection is made through the available communication ports on these devices or from the PLC or machine´s control equipment.

Control equipment

PLC control devices are included to integrate all data capture of sensors and measuring devices to get the machine state, production counting and process variables. These devices could also be linked to an existing network is required.

Operator interface

Industrial touch-screen computers allow to capture data that cannot be obtained by measuring devices or sensors, such the dead time causes, operating personnel in charge, type of defects, etc. Simpler data capture devices can be used for some specific capture.
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